Naked Slots Spins – What Are They?

The vast majority of slot machines today feature multiple paylines. Many of the same games require you to wager a certain amount of money on each line.

Commonly, you need to bet at least one penny per line. If you’re playing a 50-line slot, for instance, you’ll need to wager $0.50 total.

These many paylines give you the opportunity to win back money even in a losing situation. For instance, you might collect $0.25 on a $0.50 spin.

Such an instance still leads to a loss. However, these partial wins at least repay some of your bet.

What Is a Naked Slots Spin?

Even when dealing with 50 lines or more, you’ll suffer instances where you don’t win anything. This scenario is known as a naked slots spin. It’s naked because it isn’t giving you anything at all.

Gambling author John Patrick first coined this term in one of his books. Actually, Patrick referred to it as a “naked pull.”

Of course, hardly any slot machines feature levers these days. So, I simply call these instances naked slots spins.

Can You Use Naked Slots Spins to Your Advantage?

Patrick suggests that you should stop playing any slot machine that delivers 7 or more consecutive pulls. Such games are supposedly cold.

Disclaimer: John Patrick isn’t exactly the most-knowledgeable gaming author. In fact, his advice is pretty terrible.

Slot machines are highly volatile. Therefore, you can’t just leave a game that’s delivered so many naked pulls and expect to choose a “hot game.”

You have no way of knowing if the next game will be any better. Slot machines are completely random.

I still like the term naked slots spin to describe a round that doesn’t offer any kind of payout. However, knowing what this means won’t help you win anymore money.

Instead, naked slots spins just provide fun ways to describe total losing rounds.