How Much are Land Based Slots Comps Worth?

One of the fun things about playing slot machines is that you have a chance to pick up comps. Land based slots comps include everything from free drinks to hotel stays.

Obviously it’s exciting to get a free cocktail, limo ride, show tickets, or hotel room. But how much are you paying for these services when all is said and done?

Find out as we cover everything you should know about slots comps.

How Casinos Determine Land Based Slots Comps

The first thing that you must do to get slots rewards in a land-based casino is sign up for their VIP club. All slots club members receive a card that they can use to track their play.

Casinos offer players rewards based on a percentage of their total play. This percentage is normally 0.1% in the case of slot machines.

You would receive $1 worth of comps if you gambled $1,000 on slot machines under this model. And while this isn’t much, it at least gives you something for your play.

Are These Slots Comps Worth the Money?

Many slots players will get a free meal or hotel stay and think that the comps make it worth playing longer. But you should know that land based slots comps are never worth the value of theoretical losses.

Let’s say that you play a slot machine with 90% payback (10% house edge), for example. You’d theoretically lose $3,000 if you bet $30,000 on this game.

Meanwhile, the value of your comps would only be worth $30. And while this is enough for a free meal, it doesn’t come close to what you stand to lose.

Again, land based slots comps don’t come close to equaling how much the average player loses. You should never extend your play just to try and pick up more comps.

Instead, play naturally and let the slots rewards come as they may.