Do Max Slots Bets Help You Win More?

One piece of advice that slots players commonly hear is to make max bets. This comes from the idea that max slots bets are the only way to qualify for the jackpot.

This isn’t necessarily true, because how you qualify for the jackpot all depends upon the game. And you need to read the slot machine’s help screen to find out what stipulations are behind a jackpot.

But another reason why players are told to make max slots bets is because it can supposedly help you win more.

Is there any truth to this? Find out as I cover truth behind maximum bets.

Where does This Belief Come From?

Players who subscribe to the notion that you can win more with max wagers do so because of a pattern. They’ll start making max bets and notice that they win more money this way than with minimum wagers.

They then convince themselves that machines are programmed to pay more when players make larger bets. This only makes sense when considering that casinos should reward you’re more for bigger wagers.

Players who fall into this pattern often start placing max slots bets on every spin.

What’s the Truth to Max Slots Bets?

The reality is that you’re not any better off making maximum bets than you are minimum wagers. In other words, slot machines are programmed to pay higher when larger bets are made.

The only time that you’re better off making max slots bets is when it qualifies you for special bonuses and/or jackpots. Of course, you’ll need to read a game’s help screen in order to see if this is truly the case.

But you normally won’t gain anything from betting the largest coin size. A better idea is to stick with what you’re playing and only bet what you’re comfortable with.