3 Ways to make Slots More Exciting

slots-excitingChances are that if you’re reading this, you already find slots games to be enjoyable. But how would you like to make them even more fun? Well, here are three off-the-wall things to try that can spice up your slots experience and break you out of the typical routine.

1. Try Three New Games in One Day

Simple tip here: just try three different games that you haven’t played before. As people, we all love a routine, and that includes playing the same favorite slots game during every session. But you could be missing out on other great games if you don’t try something new. And coming in with a fun plan to try three slots you’ve never played before is certainly a good way to get this started.

2. Play Slots on a Cruise

slots-cruiseIf you’ve got the cash and haven’t been on a cruise before, then you should definitely try one where you can also play slots. This way, you get the benefit of playing the game you love combined with a fantastic trip. And I can tell you from personal experience that there’s nothing more fun than this combo, especially considering that cruises can take you to some beautiful and exotic places.

3. Plan an Hour of Slots in Five Different Casinos

One more fun thing to do with slots involves playing in as many casinos as you can in a day. Specifically, I recommend at least five when you visit gaming destinations like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. This accomplishes two things, one being that you get multiple changes of scenery, and the second being that you can try lots of different games. Assuming you play online slots, spinning the reels in five different casinos will be that much easier.