Here’s how your Slots Spins are Really determined

Bejeweled Slot Mobile AppThere’s a lot of confusion as to how slots spins are ultimately determined. And this has led to plenty of myths regarding how slot machines make payouts. Before we continue, let’s briefly look at some common thoughts on the subject:

1) The slot machine runs hot and cold; if you win too much, then you won’t win for a long time.
2) The game’s payback determines how payouts are made.
3) An RNG (whatever that is?) determines results.

Actually, there’s some truth to the second two thoughts, in that payout percentages and the random number generator (RNG) have a part in determining slots payouts. However, there’s more to it than just this.

What is the Slots RNG?

The RNG is simply a program that cycles through countless numbers to determine the symbols that land on the reels. And this program is set to meet a final payout percentage over the long haul. However, the key here is that this is truly a long process, where it could take millions of spins before payback is realized.

slots-grindVolatility also factors in

Another aspect that goes into deciding whether your slots spin will be a winner or loser is volatility. Simply put, this determines how likely you are to win on any individual spin. In most cases, when more small prizes are available, volatility is lower and your chances of winning individual spins are higher.

When does a Slots Game determine your Spin?

The typical video slots game decides exactly what you’ll win (if anything) as soon as the spin button is pushed. Sure, the reels still spin and symbols appear; but this is mere theatrics for what’s determined as soon as you push the spin button. Some of the older coin-operated slot machines make this determination when you put your quarter(s) in to play.