How Long do Slots losing Streaks last?

Man losing at slot machines in casinoSlots are among the most inconsistent games that you’ll find in the casino. And the simple reason why is because the prizes vary so greatly, with some being worth 10,000 coins or more. Obviously slots can’t offer near even-money bets like baccarat, blackjack, craps and European roulette, which means players are in for a lot of long losing streaks. But the question is, just how long can these losing streaks last?

No Clear Answer

As with any game of chance, there are no guarantees in slots. Going further, this means that there’s no sure point where a slots losing streak will end. In theory, one could lose 100 slots spins in a row or more before finally hitting a prize! This definitely sounds depressing, but the point is that there’s no guarantee on when a losing steak ends.

But does that mean you take such a grim view towards slots games? Absolutely not because you can also win some huge payouts. And there will be times where you might win three spins or more in a row, with all of the prizes being significant. That said, don’t give up hope when you’re mired in a losing streak.

Ways to overcome losing

Unfortunately, there’s no magic way to stop a slots losing streak when you’re in the middle of it. That’s why it pays to set up your bankroll management plan beforehand so you can ride out the rough patches.

For example, if you play quarter slots, $200 would give you 800 total bets before your bankroll is gone. And this amount gives you quite a bit of time on the slots games before you either lose everything or win a huge prize. Hopefully it’s the latter, and hopefully you don’t go through too many really bad losing streaks.