First Ever Slots Spin Nets UK Mom £1.6m Jackpot

Most people play online slots for years without winning a jackpot. But a UK mom recently won a £1.6 million jackpot on her first ever slots spin.

The mother was playing at a UK-licensed internet casino at the time of her windfall.

She made a spin worth 40 pence and immediately hit the progressive jackpot.

The Mother Can’t Sleep after Her Online Slots Jackpot

The lucky winner is in shock in a good way after hitting a massive payout on her first ever slots spin. She “hasn’t slept a wink” since the life-changing payout.

She spoke to the DailyStar about all of her emotions surrounding the win.

“You hear about others winning this kind of money in the news but you never think it could happen to you,” she said.

“I’m a single parent to five children and this incredible amount of money is certainly going improve my life, but more importantly theirs!”

A House and Vacation are Next on the Agenda

The British mother doesn’t want to share her identify. This is understandable when considering the type of money requests a big slots winner receives from friends and family.

However, the woman has been very open about what she plans to do with the money. She’s going to purchase a new home for her family and looks forward to taking them on some great vacations in the near future.

A spokeswoman from the online casino where she won wished the player good luck on spending the funds.

“We hope the winner has a successful house hunt and enjoys the fruits of their new-found millionaire lifestyle with their family!”

Few people could ever dream about winning so much money on their first ever slots spin. But this British mom proves that it’s within the realm of possibility – despite the long odds.