Ways to find High Slots Hit Frequency

slots-friendsOne very important concept in slots is hit frequency, or how often you can expect to win a payout on each spin. Most players should pay special attention to this because high hit frequency helps your bankroll last longer. Unfortunately, only the operators really know the hit frequency of a slot machine (unless they share it with you). So how do you figure this information out? Here are a few different ways to do so.

A Small Jackpot – When slots games offer a big progressive jackpot, your chances of winning frequently go down. This is especially the case if the game is seeded with a six-figure jackpot. In contrast, games with top prizes worth 10,000 coins are usually programmed to pay more often.

A Small/No Multiplier – Some slots feature big multipliers that can send your prizes skyrocketing. But while this is great in the moment, the game probably won’t deliver many small payouts. So look for small, or no multipliers if you want high hit frequency.

Low Payouts – Check out the lowest prize in a game; if it’s a 1 or 2-coin payout, then you’re likely dealing with good hit frequency. In contrast, games that have a “low” prize of 5 coins or higher won’t pay out a lot.

Few Free Spins/No Bonus Round – Certain slots are designed to offer plenty of free spins and/or bonus rounds. This is great from the perspective that you’ll get lots of chances to play for “free” prizes. But on the other hand, all these freebies mean that you can count on earning fewer regular payouts. That said, low rollers should try slots without extra frills to stretch their bankroll.

Once again, if you want to boost your odds of winning payouts on any given spin, look for the four factors that we’ve discussed here.