Coin Slot Machines Still Popular at El Cortez

Coin slot machines are very rare nowadays. In fact, most land-based casinos got rid of these games years ago.

Las Vegas’ El Cortez, however, features over 170 coin-operated slots. They’ve actually found that these games have been very beneficial to their bottom line.

Adam Wiesberg, general manager of El Cortez, noted that they don’t plan to get rid of coin slot machines anytime soon.

“We have all the latest and greatest (machines) on our slot floor,” he said. “But we intend on keeping a selection of coin machines.

“We have a process where we take away some games every month that don’t get as much play. But we have players who love these machines.”

Coin Slot Machines Are Difficult to Maintain

El Cortez may be benefiting from their coin-based slots. However, they do have to put a lot of work into maintaining these games.

“It takes a special set of skills to be able to maintain 175 coin games,” Wiesberg explained. “Most people coming up in the industry now have no knowledge of coin machines.”

The hardest part is finding parts for coin slot machines when they break down. Manufacturers don’t make these parts on a regular basis.

El Cortez often has to make special requests if one of their coin-operated games needs a part.

Friendly Customer Service

In addition to their classic slots, El Cortez also puts heavy emphasis on customer service. They try to connect with their players and build relationships.

El Cortez especially values these relationships when considering their older and more-established customer base.

“Our ownership still appreciates that connection with the customer, which many places have gotten away from,” said Wiesberg. “They’ve gotten away from it because there’s no money in it

“But for us, it’s a legacy that we’re trying to maintain. Our customers are loyal.”