Cascading Reels Slots – Are They Overdone Today?

Back in 2010, NetEnt released a revolutionary slot in Gonzo’s Quest. This game would start a trend of cascading reels slots that’s still going strong today.

At first, cascading reels (a.k.a. rolling reels) seemed like a cool feature that would be in some games. However, too many slots today are abusing this format.

I’m going to discuss this saturation of cascading reels slots. But first, I’ll cover more on exactly what these games are.

What Are Cascading Reels Slots?

The first component of rolling reels is that symbols from winning combinations disappear. Meanwhile, icons from above fall into the empty spaces.

All of this happens within the same round. Therefore, you have an opportunity to keep forming more wins during the same spin.

The obvious benefit to these slot machines is that they can offer additional payouts. You can theoretically collect some really large wins if you get on a roll.

Why Are These Games So Popular?

Developers continue churning out cascading reels slots for one reason – they’re popular. Gonzo’s Quest proved how popular this format can be.

Other slots providers took notice of how well Gonzo’s Quest was received. In fact, this game is still popular today.

Developers have produced countless slot machines with this feature. Cascading reels are a huge hit among players due to all the extra wins they can deliver.

Will Cascading Reels Slots Ever Slow Down?

Cascading reels slot machines will likely stay popular into the foreseeable future.

This feature is still being added into new slots. For example, many of the new Megaways games offer rolling reels.

In a way, cascading reels have become a commonplace feature. You wouldn’t be surprised to see this format added into any new game you play.

As for if cascading reels will ever die out, we can’t see this happening.