$50 Million Slots Jackpot – Yes, It’s Happening!

The online slots world features plenty of big jackpots. But none have ever reached the heights of a proposed $50 million slots jackpot.

Hacksaw Gaming claims that they can put together the slots prize of all prizes. I’ll discuss more on their announcement along with how it compares to other record payouts.

Hacksaw Gaming Announces $50 Million Slots Jackpot

Through a press release, Hacksaw announced plans to roll out the biggest online slots jackpot ever. Their “insured” prizes (remain at constant value) will help this developer offer payouts that weren’t previously thought possible.

My Lucky Number will be the first such game to launch. It’ll offer a $25 million jackpot (or euros/pounds). From here, Hacksaw plans to keep pushing the envelope with as much as a $50 million slots jackpot.

Marcus Cordes, the COO of Hacksaw Gaming, spoke about this ambitious plan.

“We are about to bring real competition in the market when it comes to the jackpots which are available today,” he said.

“With our new concept, operators can rely on having huge, exciting jackpots on offer without having to wait for the progressive jackpot to build up. It also enables smaller operators to offer the same huge prizes as the Tier ones, leveling the playing field”.

In addition to the $25m and $50m payouts, this software provider will offer smaller $5 million and $10 million jackpots.

What Is the Current Record?

Mega Moolah currently holds the distinction of the largest online slots jackpot. It paid out $21 million (€18,915,873) in 2018.

Assuming Hacksaw goes through with their plan, the $50 slots million jackpot would be worth more than double the current record.

Of course, they must actually roll out this massive prize first. Their plan is supposed to take place throughout 2020.