Will 3 Reel Slots be phased out of Casinos?

3-reel-slots-phased-outTo long-time slots players, it doesn’t seem that long ago when 3 reel games still commanded the majority of the casino floor. Even up until the early 2000s, over half of the games in land-based and online casinos were of the 3 reel variety. But these days, 3 reel games have been greatly reduced in casinos, with video slots taking over. So does this mean that we can eventually expect 3 reel slots to become nearly extinct?

Still Some Following

While most players favor video slots – which normally feature 5 reels, better graphics, more paylines and bonus rounds – that doesn’t mean 3 reel games are completely irrelevant. In fact, some players commonly request more of these games at casinos.

This has led some companies like WMS Gaming and International Gaming Technology to continue designing fresh, new games. For example, IGT has created a game called Hot Roulette that uses 3 reel classics such as┬áTriple Red Hot 7s and Pink Diamonds; but there’s also an option for an interactive roulette bonus round. As for WMS Gaming, they’re adding many video elements to 3 reel slots such as bonus rounds, high-definition screens and halo-lighting effects.

Not going Away – Just being Improved

As you can see, some gaming companies are still focusing on 3 reel slot machines. So we shouldn’t expect these games to merely become a relic. Instead, it looks like casinos are more focused on improving these machines and making them relevant to modern technology.

That said, there’ll be plenty more 3 reel slots made over the coming years. And with the modernization of them, a small crowd of both young and old players will continue demanding these games.