243 Ways Slots vs Payline Games: Do You Win More?

243 ways slots are aptly named for the fact that they give you 243 ways to win. You may find these slots exciting based on the sheer amount of winning opportunities.

But do 243 ways games really give you any better chance of winning than payline slots? I’ll answer this question by discussing more on 243 ways slot machines and if they ultimately boost your odds.

How Do 243 Ways Slots Work?

A 243 ways game sees you form wins by getting matching symbols in adjacent reels. The icons don’t need to be in any specific order so long as their reels are touching.

You also have to form winning combinations from left to right, beginning with the first reel. 243 ways slot machines share this trait with payline slots.

However, the latter differ in that they require you to form wins in specific lines. You can’t win merely by having symbols in connecting reels.

Do 243 Ways Slots Boost Your Odds of Winning?

The 243 ways format won’t help you win by itself. Instead, your odds of winning on each spin are all relative to the individual game.

Of course, 243 ways games do seem like they’d improve your odds. After all, you’re getting hundreds of chances to win in a single spin.

The problem, though, is that each of these “ways” are programmed with low odds of paying. Slotsmakers aren’t going to give you a 10% chance of winning with each way.

An individual payline usually gives you higher odds of winning than an individual way.

Most slots only feature 20 to 30 lines. This scarcity is why lines tend to pay out more often.

Nevertheless, you can still earn quite a few prizes with 243 ways slots. Some are programmed with really high win frequency.

If you’re looking for slots that offer a high chance of winning on each spin, then you should focus on win frequency.