Woman wins $10.77m Slots Jackpot at Wynn Vegas

megabucks-winner-wynnA Hawaii woman just hit a slots jackpot worth over $10 million while playing a penny slot machine at the Wynn Las Vegas.

The unidentified Oahu resident was on vacation in Sin City and playing IGT’s legendary Megabucks slot machine.

Betting $3 per spin on this penny slot machine, the woman won a jackpot worth $10,777,720.51.

Very little is known about the woman since she didn’t offer any quotes or hints that would lead to her identity. Besides the fact that she was vacationing in Vegas, all we know is that this lady is one of numerous millionaires created through the Megabucks slot machine.

Although technically a penny slot, Megabucks requires that players bet $3 to qualify for the top progressive jackpot. This is usually why people sit down to Megabucks in the first place because its top prize is always worth a staggering amount.

This has led to some great stories over the years, including how Elmer Sherwin won a $4.6 million payout through Megabucks in 1989, then won a $21.15 million jackpot in 2005.

Another Megabucks story involves the time that a businessman put $10 into the machine, then won $21.3 million on his first spin.

cynthia-jay-brennan-slotsThis game also lays claim to the largest slots payout in history, which came when a 25-year-old software engineer won over $39.7 million through Megabucks.

Some believe that there’s a Megabucks curse, namely because of what happened to Cynthia Jay-Brennan in 2000. The former Vegas cocktail waitress won a jackpot worth $34.9 million at Desert Inn. Six weeks later, Jay-Brennan was paralyzed, and her sister killed, when a drunk driver hit their car.

Other stories have surfaced regarding a Megabucks curse, like the alleged time that a winner got killed in gang violence. But aside from Jay-Brennan’s story, no rumored tragedy has proven to be true.