WMS Slots

star-trek-slotsWhen it comes to longevity, few companies in the gaming business are even close to WMS, which has been around for over 60 years. The Waukegan, Illinois-based company first got its start in the 1940’s, when Harry Williams developed the “tilt” action in pinball. Little did Williams know at the time, but WMS would go on to be a giant in the global gaming world.

Today the company’s empire includes a number of hit slots games in both land-based and online casinos. After releasing their first slot machine in 1996 (Reel Em’ In), WMS has produced other popular titles such as Filthy Rich, Jackpot Party, Monopoly and Top Gun. Seeing as WMS slots are so intriguing, let’s take a closer look at what all they’ve done in casino gaming.

WMS Online Slots

Interestingly enough, WMS Gaming is relatively new to the online slots world. They first began offering internet slots in 2010 to UK residents and have expanded from there. Because of their strong background in the land-based casino world, it should be no surprise that WMS experienced immediate success.

wizard-of-oz-slotsSome of their most popular online slots games are licensed titles such as Wizard of Oz, Top Gun, Monopoly and Star Trek. These brands already had a mainstream following so players quickly gravitated towards them on the reels. Some of the many other online slots that WMS offers include Alice and the Mad Tea Party, Bruce Lee Slots, Game of Dragons, John Wayne Slots, Leprechaun’s Fortune and Palace of Riches.

Land-based Slots

As mentioned before, WMS has been offering slot machines for brick and mortar casinos since 1996. And one of the best things about their slots is how much variety is offered with the products. For example, there are local and national/international progressive slots, community games, and 3-reel and 5-reel selections.

Much like with the online slots, WMS has been quite prosperous with its licensed games such as Clint Eastwood, Men in Black, Monopoly and Top Gun. Of course, it’s not just the titles that have made these machines a success because WMS Gaming also incorporates the highest level of technology and sophistication into their games.

Seeing as how they’re a relatively new company in the online world, it’ll be very interesting to see what WMS has to offer in the future.