Will Vegas Casinos Begin Accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased greatly in popularity over the past few years. And Bitcoin gambling machines are even starting to show up in the physical world.

According to Finance Magnates, SmartPlay.tech has designed the “hardware realization of [a] classical European roulette table.”

Before SmartPlay’s invention, cryptocurrencies have been limited to online casino games. In fact, it’s very popular for online gamers to play Bitcoin slot machines.

However, SmartPlay seeks to change this with their roulette table. The product is currently in the testing phase in a series of “SmartBox” machines.

If roulette is a success, SmartPlay plans to roll out other SmartBox games like bingo, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. Each machine will feature a touchscreen, and a QR scanner for moving funds from crypto wallets.

Beta Testing will Involve Fake Cryptocurrencies

SmartPlay is currently beta testing a product that allows users to play roulette with fake cryptocurrency tokens. No real money will be exchanged during this trial.

The hope is to roll out fully functioning gambling machines that take real cryptocurrency. SmartPlay already has plans to allow Ethererum (ETH) tokens and its own proprietary RouletteToken (RLT).

SmartBox will Feature Its Own Blockchain

When SmartBox launches, it’ll have a dedicated blockchain on the Ethereum Main network. SmartBox’s smart contracts have the potential to reduce the amount of staff members needed in the casino world.

Their RLT token is designed so that players are automatically credited with 0.5-3% of each bet placed in the form of RLT. SmartPlay explains that this lets players “[receive] a share of the profit composed of all other players’ future bets.”

A SmartPlay whitepaper explained the decision to hand out RLT tokens.

“At the same time players receive instant guaranteed bonuses in RLT tokens backed up by ETH cryptocurrency at the current rate and automatically become the game platform’s co-owners.”