Will Slots make Your Kids Skinnier?

slots-childhood-obesityEverybody knows that one huge benefit of playing slots is entertainment. But would you believe that slots games can also make your kids thinner? It might be a stretch to think so, however, research from the Journal of the American Medical Assn. has proven this to be the case. That said, let’s discuss exactly how slot machines impact childhood obesity rates along with the reasoning.

Each Slot Machine lowers Childhood Obesity

Researchers involved in the study looked at California casinos and the effects of adding slot machines in the Golden State. What they discovered is that for every machine that was added, the risk of childhood obesity went down by 0.19%.

The researchers arrived at this conclusion by examining 117 school districts in California tribal lands. Casinos are only allowed in California if they’re on Native-American reservations. And for each slot machine added per capita, there was a subsequent increase of $541 in annual per-capita earnings.

thunder-valley-casinoFrom here, the study analyzed gym-class fitness records for tribal kids aged 7 to 18 over an 11-year span. With the California average for childhood obesity being 48%, tribal communities with slot machines were found to have an overall obesity rate that was 5% below the average.

Slot Taxes improve Family Lives

Based on the statistics, we can assume that wealthier families/communities have more money to dedicate to their children’s health. Specifically, more money means extra community centers, health centers, sports leagues, better food and more health awareness.

Slots in itself is a sedentary activity that’s not going to cause you to lose many calories. However, it definitely appears that the tribes who benefit from slots revenue have greater overall health, wealth and lives.