Will Slots Comps ever vanish?

slots-compsComps have long been used to lure slots players back to casinos and retain their loyalty. After all, it’s a lot more fun playing negative-expectation games when you know that a free buffet, hotel room and/or drinks are coming your way. But lately, it seems that U.S. casinos are handing out less and less comps.

One reason why is because many casinos have transitioned into all-around entertainment destinations, rather than gambling-first joints. So casinos no longer see the value in giving free comps to some casual slots player who’s only playing a few spins on their way to a bar. But another reason is because gaming establishments are trying to cut costs as more and more casinos spread throughout America.

So the question must be asked, will this comp-cutting ever get so bad that we won’t receive any freebies from slots?

slots-why-playIt’s possible, given that casinos have a difficult time trying to connect with millennials from a gambling perspective. And if casinos are seeing fewer and fewer slots customers, they may just decide to cut rewards altogether.

But on the other hand, this is very bad for business since comps are a huge motivator in getting people to the reels. If you’re not even receiving free-play vouchers through the mail, are you eventually going to just stop coming to the casino? The likely answer for some customers will be yes.

My overall hope is that casinos will be able to connect with millennials through the skill-based slots that are coming out in land-based casinos. After all, these slot machines have been designed with younger people in mind. But it may be some time before we see what direction the slots world is headed in and what we can expect in terms of future comps.