Here’s Why You Win More Early in Slots Sessions

online-slots-bonus-1Slots results are supposed to be totally random because they are, after all, determined by a random number generator (RNG). The RNG cycles through numerous number combinations to determine whether your spin is a winner or loser. But even with this being said, many players wonder why it seems like they win more money early in a slots session. That said, let’s discuss this concept along with why everybody wins more in the beginning.

Early Slots Wins are just Simple Logic

If it feels like you win more money in slots with some of your initial spins, it’s because you do and the reason why is simple logic. Assuming you kept track of your biggest wins from spins 1-200 versus spins 201-400, you’d definitely win more within the first two hundred spins.

choosing-your-slots-gameThis is merely a matter of when your bankroll will run out. As long as you’re not playing too high of a denomination, you stand a good chance of making it through the first 200 spins. But when you continue playing more and betting more, the odds of your bankroll running out increase. So if it feels like you win more often in your earlier slots spins, then it’s because you do, given that your bankroll is still going strong.

But Your Slots Odds don’t change

The key thing to understand here is that you’re not winning more money because your odds are any better earlier in a session. The RNG is still at work on every spin and your odds of winning don’t change from one spin to the next.

The only way that your chances of winning change is when you find slots games with better payback. Some casinos offer better payback than others for the exact same coin denomination. So if you do some research before playing slots – whether online or in land-based casinos – then you stand an improved chance of finding the best games and making more money.