Why are there so many Slots Myths?

slots-strategiesOne of the most-frequently discussed topics in casino gaming is loose and tight slots. It’s not hard to understand why either when considering that players want to play the best-paying slots games possible. Of course, in this pursuit, players also get caught up in plenty of myths about slots.

So what’s the deal here? Why are there so many slots myths? Let’s explore this matter below by looking at who creates these myths and what they need to understand.

Players want an Explanation

Slots seem like a strange beast because one session you’ll be doing excellent, and the next completely drains your bankroll. One could simply chalk this up to bad luck, but many players at least want a reason why their results vary so much. Here’s where many slots myths come in since they provide players with the explanation that they’re looking for.

Young woman in Casino on a slot machineFor example, let’s say that you first sit down to a slots game and immediately do great. But as day turns to night, you can’t get a winning combination if your life depended on it. So it must be that casinos change slots payback at the busier evening times, right?

Here’s another scenario: you’re losing with one slots game, so you switch to another and start winning right away. In this case, you must have found the “hot” game…

Slots are Full of Variance

While slots myths seemingly make sense, they are nothing more than the made-up explanations by players who don’t seek the truth. Sure, there may have been casinos decades ago that lowered payback at certain points, but that doesn’t happen today.

The reality is that slots are the most-volatile casino games you’ll find. Most of these games only deliver payouts between 15% and 35% of the time on each payline. After all, slots need to have more variance if they’re to offer big jackpots while still bringing casinos their profit. So you can understand why slots players suffer some pretty long losing streaks.

Be rest assured that all slots operate based on random number generators, meaning your results are exactly that – random. This being said, sit back, relax and have fun knowing that slots are fair, but very random.