3 Reasons why Slots are more Complicated Today

weekend-in-vegas-slotThe classic version of a slot machine conjures up images of 3-reelers with cherries, money signs and/or star symbols. These types of games only have one payline and can be played by a trained monkey. But there’s just one problem with classic slots…no one plays them any more.

Sure, you’ll still find classic games here and there, but the vast majority of slots today consist of multiple betting options, bonus rounds and more paylines than you can keep track of. Just take “243 Ways” games, for example, where there are essentially 243 different ways that you can win.

So why do modern slots continue getting more complicated? Here are three big reasons why this is the case.

1. Casinos offer Games that People play

The most-simplistic reason why you’ll find many complicated slots today is because people like them. By offering more reels, paylines and intriguing themes, these games draw players and keep them entertained. In contrast, classic slot machines are seen as relics that just don’t offer the same entertainment value.

2. Complex Slots hold Players’ Attention

One thing that casinos have discovered is that people don’t just play slots to win jackpots these days. Sure, the thrill of winning a jackpot is one reason why you might play slots. But the reason why you’ll continue playing is due to detailed graphics, storylines, animated characters and exciting sound effects. The idea is to satisfy a wide range of interests and keep players spinning the reels.

3. Players don’t just want to spin Reels

online-slots-bonusIt goes without saying that if you play slots, you’re going to be spinning reels. But casinos have found great success with slots that also include second-screen bonus rounds. As the name implies, the second screen gives players a break from the reels to try for additional payouts through a different type of game. And now, Nevada casinos are even working to bring skill-based bonus slots to their floors.