Why Have Bitcoin Slots Become So Popular?

bitcoin-slotsOne of the biggest trends in online gaming over the last few years is Bitcoin slots. More and more slots players are choosing casinos based solely on if they offer Bitcoin as a banking option. But what’s fueling this phenomenon? Let’s find out by looking at 3 main reasons why Bitcoin slots are so popular.

1. Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

A huge headache to playing real money slots at online casinos is the banking process. First off, some casinos require extensive documentation when you’re making deposits and/or withdrawals. This is annoying because you need to scan documents and send them to casinos before they approve your banking transactions. But this isn’t the case with Bitcoin because it’s an open-source currency, meaning there’s no third-party verification required. Furthermore, Bitcoin negates having to wait days or even weeks before your cashouts are approved.

2. No Online Casino Banking Fees

bitcoin-casino-slotsAnother problem associated with other casino banking options is that you may have to pay fees. Normally, these fees are associated with withdrawals, but some casinos also charge you for credit card deposits so that they don’t have to cover the fees. This is another area where Bitcoin comes to the rescue because, due to the lack of third-party involvement, there aren’t any fees. Compare this to eWallets and other payment options, which make their money off transaction charges.

3. Bitcoin Bonuses

One more great reason to use Bitcoin for online slots is that you may qualify for special bonuses. Based on how casinos also like what Bitcoin offers – lack of fees, no involvement with banking – they encourage Bitcoin play through special bonuses. We’ve seen Bitcoin deposit bonuses as high as $5,000, which definitely makes this cryptocurrency worth considering.

If you want more bonus money and would like to avoid paying fees, then we suggest that you look into Bitcoin. Furthermore, you can get started pretty easily by downloading a Bitcoin app, then getting your wallet and funds.