Why do I keep getting Free Blackjack Bets, but not Slots Vouchers?

slots-voucherOne way that casinos entice players into their establishments is by offering free play vouchers. And the two most-common free play offers that you’ll get revolve around blackjack and slots. However, some players may notice that they seemingly get more free blackjack bets than they do free slots vouchers. And why is this the case? Let’s unravel the mystery below.

Casinos want You to try New Games

free-blackjack-betsIf you’re a player who gets more free blackjack bets than anything, it’s probably because the casino wants to create more blackjack play. Land-based casinos don’t just randomly choose the free wagers that they send out; instead, these are used to get players to sample new games that they might not otherwise try. And if you like the game, then you’re more likely to continue playing with your own money.

Slots games carry the weight for casinos, so players don’t need as much coaxing to spin the reels. And while blackjack is a very popular game, it’s not nearly as played as slots – hence the free wagers to get you on the tables.

You can still expect Free Slots Vouchers

This certainly isn’t to say that casinos don’t also offer plenty of free slots play. It’s just that the goal is often different when slots rewards are offered through email or snail mail.

Free slots play is often sent to specific players that casinos want back. Specifically, they want frequent players who use mid or high coin denomination machines to come back. If these people aren’t offered free play, they may also be given extra comp points or multiplier days on their slots.

From an overall perspective, the more you play slots in land-based casinos (or online casinos), the more rewards and free play you’ll potentially earn.