Why Don’t Casinos Offer More Loose Online Slots?

It stands to reason that casinos would get more customers if they added more loose online slots. After all, players are more likely to keep spinning if they’re winning.

For example, let’s say that Microgaming offered 99% payback versus NetEnt offering 96% payback. Wouldn’t it seem like Microgaming would draw more customers?

In theory it seems like a good idea to feature higher payback. But there are other factors to consider before featuring loose slots across the board.

Industry Has a General Payback Range

Online casinos are businesses like anything else. And they need to make profits through their games.

That said, no gaming provider or online casino is going to only feature internet slots with between 98% and 99% payback.

Now, you will see some of these games. However, casinos have other costs they need to worry about. And offering a bunch of really loose online slots won’t cut it for their budget.

Casinos Do the Math – Then Decide on Payback

Gaming providers usually offer uniform payback percentages with their online slots. Casinos can then decide what games they want to order based on these figures.

And internet casinos have smart people working for them who figure out the payback they can afford to offer. In most cases, you’ll see figures around the 96% range as far as return to player (RTP) goes.

Online casinos also need to figure out what payback they can get away with. For example, if they don’t draw many players with 94% payback games, then they may bump this up to 96%.

In summary, the online gaming world is a competitive place. And online casinos use math and previous results to determine how generous they can be with payback while still maintaining a profit.

Unfortunately, this generosity only goes so far and you won’t find a bunch of loose slots.