Why Casinos Don’t Change Slots Payback on a Whim

casinos-change-slots-paybackOne of the biggest slots myths is that casinos have somebody sitting in an office, changing slots payback whenever they feel like it. You can’t blame one for thinking this way, when it seems like your results can change at the drop of a dime. But there are 3 good reasons why casinos don’t alter slots payback on a whim, which you can read below.

1. Casinos Would Need to Worry about Person in Charge

Dealers working with friends/accomplices to cheat casinos games happens occasionally. So what would stop the person in charge of changing slot machine payback from telling accomplices when to play? They’d make a fortune by filling their buddies in on when they changed payback over 100%, then splitting the profits.

2. Casinos Adhere to Regulations

dania-beach-slotsMost importantly, casinos are large operations that are licensed by gaming jurisdictions. In the US, for example, each state has its own regulatory body to answer to. If they were to manipulate slots results, they’d face heavy fines and penalties. Online casinos also obtain licensing and are monitored for fair play. If an online casino were caught rigging payback, their reputation would be ruined. Considering that casinos already have an advantage in slots, there’s too much at stake to change payback whenever.

3. Losing Players Won’t Come Back

One more thought to consider is that players who consistently lose aren’t going to come back to a certain casino. This is why, despite state regulations only mandating 75% – 85% slots payback (depending on state), most casinos pay much more than what they’re required. Again, casinos have a long-term edge, so it’s to their benefit to let players win sometimes. And changing payback at different points of the day would only hamper this goal and turn players off.