Who should and shouldn’t play Slots?

Young woman in Casino on a slot machineWhat’s great about slots is that anybody can play, no matter how much of a novice they are. But does that mean everybody should try slots? In my opinion, everything is worth trying at least once – especially slots games! But if you want a little shortcut to knowing if you’ll enjoy slots, or another type of casino game, then take a look at who should and shouldn’t play slots games.

You Should play Slots if You…
– Love playing for huge payouts. Both land-based and online slots offer some of the biggest prizes in the casino. In some cases, players have won tens of millions of dollars!
– Get just as much enjoyment out of the (many) near misses as you do from wins.
– Appreciate great graphics, bonus rounds and game themes as much as you do winning with casino games.
– Love the frequent comps that you get from playing slots, which is the best game for delivering comps.

You Shouldn’t play Slots if You…
– Want to win as frequently as possible. Most slots games only pay out about 15% of the time, due to the huge prizes that are available.
– Have a small bankroll and want to make it last. The low payout frequency I just described drains the average player’s bankroll rather quickly.
– Only like casino games that involve heavy strategy. Aside from bankroll management and finding good-paying games, slots doesn’t contain an abundance of strategy.
– Are convinced that casinos rig all their games. This isn’t true, but at the inconsistent rate that you win in slots, it can sure seem like it.

Once again, slots is definitely worth trying for anybody. But keep in mind what we just discussed to get an idea on if you’ll hate or love slots games.