Where do You find Casino Slots Payback?

casino-slots-paybackMany slots players these days know the importance of payback. After all, this is the percentage of money that the average person can expect to win back when playing slots. But the question many players have when it comes to payback is how exactly they find these figures.

The good news is that online and mobile slots payback is usually pretty easy to find. In fact, the manufacturers themselves are more than happy to share this information with players in some cases. However, you might run into a little more trouble when looking for land-based slots payback. That said, let’s look at what you should focus on with regard to this subject.

Gaming Commissions offer Payback for Entire Casinos

Unfortunately, you’ll have a tough time finding payback for individual casino slot machines. But the good news is that many gaming commissions offer payback info for entire casinos when it comes to penny, nickel and dollar slots. So a great place to begin your search is with state gaming commission websites.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you won’t usually find payback for tribal (American) casinos. That’s because they’re considered sovereign entities and don’t have to offer this info if they don’t want too.

Land-based Casinos have to meet State Payback Minimums

atlantic-city-casinosIf all else fails, you can at least know that non-tribal casinos must meet the state minimum payout percentage. A few examples include New Jersey having an 83% payback minimum, Louisiana having an 80% minimum and Nevada enforcing a 75% minimum.

Looking at Nevada, for example, you might be scared that some casinos will lower their slots payback right near the 75% minimum. However, the vast majority of casinos remain competitive by at least offering payback percentages in the upper 80s. Otherwise, players will quickly lose their money and not want to play slots for a while.

In summary, check out state gaming commission websites for reports on each casino and look for casinos that generally give you the best value on your slots play.