What’s the Mystery behind Mystery Slots Jackpots?

mystery-progressive-jackpotMystery jackpots are nothing new in the slots industry as a whole, but lately I’ve been seeing them filter into online slots. One example that I can think of is the new Ocean Life slots, which also includes a random progressive jackpot. So what’s the mystery here? Find out as we discuss these jackpots in depth below.

What is a Mystery Jackpot?

The mystery is not in how large these jackpots will grow because they’re set to pay out at a specific amount. That figure could be as low as $50 or as high as $10,000 or more. Once a mystery jackpot hits this amount, they have to pay out.

The fun comes in when considering that you never know when these jackpots are set to pay. The random number generator selects an amount for the jackpot to be hit at, however, no player knows the amount. For instance, if a random jackpot must pay by $10k, the random figure could be $7,557.00 or it could be $3,678.56.

How do You win a Mystery Jackpot?

ocean-life-slotsA small percentage of every bet that you make on these games is added to the jackpot. Assuming this percentage of your bet pushes the mystery jackpot to its predefined total, you win.

This creates another interesting element to these prizes because the closer the jackpot is to paying out, the higher your odds are of winning. Because you never actually know when the jackpot pays out, you can’t be sure of how high your odds are. But if the jackpot must pay by $10k, you can reasonably assume that you have a better chance to win when the amount gets up to $7k and beyond.

As you can see, mystery jackpots are exciting because they give anybody a chance to win at any moment. And it’s definitely to your advantage to play these slots as the mystery prize continues increasing to its cap.