What’s a Good Slots RTP?

zhanshi-slotsOne of the most-important factors for beating slots, or at least making your bankroll last, is return to player (RTP). We’ve discussed what RTP is before, but you may wonder what exactly is a good RTP.

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive figure that tells you exactly what return percentage you should be willing to accept. But below, we’ll discuss the industry standard for return to player along with another important factor that you should consider.

Average Online Slots RTP

Again, you won’t find a composite average of every online slot’s RTP. But based on what we’ve seen around the industry, most newer slots offer between 95% and 96% return to player. This is an improvement from what we saw in the mid-2000s and before, when it was considered good if an online slot offered 94% to 95% RTP.

lucha-libre-slotsAt the highest range for today’s slots, you’ll see a return of 97% to 98%. However, if you play a game with at least 96% RTP, you should consider this a pretty good amount. After all, this means that you’re theoretically only losing around four cents per dollar over the long term.

Don’t forget Slots Volatility

While slots RTP has climbed higher and higher thanks to online and mobile slots, we warn you that these games also have a fair amount of volatility. This is due to the multipliers and bonus rounds offered, which usually boost your payouts significantly. And while this is great when it happens, you also have to consider that you’re going to receive fewer overall payouts.

We’re not saying to avoid slots with big multipliers and other frills; after all, these games are quite fun! But don’t just go for the first slot you see with high RTP if you’re dealing with a very limited bankroll. The reason why is because you could be waiting long gaps in between your payouts.