Whatever Happened to Slots.com?

7 years ago, online gaming entrepreneur Calvin Ayre made internet history when he purchased Slots.com for $5.5 million. When the news initially surfaced, it was unclear who bought the domain name for such a lofty amount. Tech Crunch offered the following at the time:

“It’s unclear who the buyer is and how they plan to recuperate the purchase sum exactly, and the seller’s identity has been shielded from public eyes.

Rest assured he or she has enough pocket money to play the slots for a long time now, though.”

This was of course back in the day when domain names carried extreme importance with regard to search engine optimization. And while domains still carry some weight, it’s a wonder if Ayre would’ve payed $5.5 million for Slots.com today.

What did Ayre do with the Slots.com Name?

A quick glance at the site reveals that he hasn’t done much of anything. We visited the page and were asked to visit another one of the Bodog brand’s casinos.

Convinced that the results would be different if we visited through a proxy server (another country), all we got was a blank page.

Ayre’s Bodog operation has been one of the most successful in online gaming history. It rose from an obscure site back in the 1990s to become a well-known brand that included everything from MMA promotions to musicians.

But when it comes to Slots.com, Ayre seems to have whiffed on the $5.5 million purchase.

What can We Expect from Slots.com in the Future?

Nothing much has been done with Slots.com up to this point. But can we expect this to change any time in the future?

It’s been 7 years since the domain name was purchased, so we don’t see anything big happening for Slots.com. But Bodog is a brand that licenses its domains and content. So perhaps we’ll see somebody use the name for an online casino that some point.