What to do when You’re losing in Slots

Young woman in Casino on a slot machineAnybody who’s played slots for any considerable amount of time knows that it can be a difficult game. For some players, difficult doesn’t even begin to explain it when you’ve lost dozens of spins in a row. But if you love slots and want to keep it this way, then there are some good things that you can do to make losing sessions more bearable.

1. Understand the Variance of Slots

The win frequency for any slots game can range anywhere from 15% to 35%. But the bad thing is that most players don’t realize that they’ll win so little per spin. Given the low win frequency, there will be times where it seems like you’re waiting forever to string together a few wins. But if you understand this concept well, then you’ll be able to better handle losing streaks.

2. Realize that taking Breaks won’t hurt You

slots-grindThere’s a common misconception that you stand a better chance to win big in slots by playing the same game longer. However, this is completely untrue because slots are so random that winning spins are determined within milliseconds. So if you’re losing and feel like taking a break, do so because it certainly won’t affect your chances of winning.

3. Stop playing Progressive Slots

Progressive games are designed to set aside more money for the eventual jackpot winner. And while it might seem really thrilling to play for such a huge jackpot, you typically have a lower chance to win small payouts. So if you want to up your win frequency, then leave the progressive slots and find some non-progressive games to play.

4. Switch to any other Game Period

Even if you simply switch progressive slot games, this is better than continually losing with the same game. Sure, you might not have any better chance to win with the new machine, but this can at least interject some more fun into the equation.