What is a TITO Slot Machine?

Slot machines are commonly associated with coin-operated games. The reason why is because most slots used to operate through coins. But chances are high these days that all you’ll find is a TITO slot machine in casinos.

What does TITO mean in the slots world? Find out as we discuss the definition along with why these machines are much more efficient than the coin-based versions.

Modern Slot Machines Operate on Tickets

Around the mid-1990s, many casinos began experimenting with tickets-based slot machines.

These games are called Ticket-In, Ticket-Out because they accept tickets and also spit them out. The term Ticket-In, Ticket-Out was eventually shortened to TITO.

How do You Use a TITO Slot Machine?

You start using these games by inserting money into the bill acceptor. This earns you credits that can be used to play the slot machine.

When you’re finished playing a TITO slot machine, you cash your money out and receive a ticket. You can then either insert this it into another machine, or simply take it to the cashier’s window and get your money.

What’s the Advantage of a TITO Slot Machine?

Both casinos and players benefit from the TITO system.

Casinos benefit because they don’t have as many employees working the slots section. The reason why is because there’s no longer any need to fill the coin hopper constantly.

Instead, all the employees have to do is replace tickets in machines from time to time. And this isn’t required nearly as often as filling the coin hopper.

Players no longer have to lug around cups filled with quarters. Instead, they have handy pieces of paper that they can either insert into machines for use or cash out.

Based on the convenience advantages that it offers, the TITO slot machine is here to stay in casinos. Meanwhile, coin-based slots have become relics of the past.