What are NEO Slots?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a larger part of the slots world. Case in point, we have many new cryptocurrencies entering the online gaming world, including NEO slots.

How you use NEO to play internet slots? Keep reading as I discuss this matter along with everything else you need to properly enjoy slots with NEO.

What Is NEO the Cryptocurrency?

NEO has come to mean different things over the years, including a popular character from the Matrix movie series. But in crypto, NEO refers to a blockchain platform that can host various decentralized applications.

The main asset of the NEO blockchain is the NEO token, which generates GAS tokens. A GAS token is used to pay for transaction fees generated by the network’s applications.

This may sound like Greek to you. But the good thing is that you don’t really need to know most of this just to play NEO slots.

Buying NEO

Unfortunately, there’s no way to buy NEO directly with fiat currency (e.g. USD). Instead, you need to purchase a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum and then use this to buy NEO afterward.

For example, you can visit Coinbase and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then you can send your BTC or ETH to an exchange like Binance or Kucoin and purchase your NEO here.

Just remember to get the wallet address right where you’ll be sending the crypto.

How to Use NEO to Play Online Slots

After acquiring NEO, you must visit your online casino of choice and get their NEO wallet address. Of course, this also requires finding an internet casino that accepts NEO ahead of time.

Once you get your wallet address, head back to where your NEO is stored and make a withdrawal to the provided casino wallet address. This is always easier when you copy and paste the casino’s wallet address so that you don’t mess up any of the letters/numbers.

When the NEO arrives at your casino, you’ll be ready to play provably fair slots. A provably fair slot records all bets on the blockchain so that you can check them to ensure fair gaming.