What Are Class II Slot Machines?

tribal-casino-slotsIt may seem like all slot machines are the same, but there’s actually a big division when it comes to American casino slots. The two types are Class II and Class III machines, which look very similar to each other. But there are noticeable differences between these games, which you can read about below.

Class II Slot Machines

According to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, tribal casinos can’t offer traditional slot machines. Instead, they are only allowed to offer gaming machines that relate to bingo or poker.

Because tribal casinos can’t offer normal slots, they must make these games operate like bingo games, where a centralized computer “calls” out numbers for a bank of machines. You are essentially competing against other players for a limited number of prizes just like in bingo.

When you spin the reels, your machine will generate numbers like those on a bingo card. The hope is that your numbers line up with the ones being created by the centralized computer, resulting in prizes.

Class III Slot Machines

play-my-way-slotsMost people who play slots are used to Class III games, which are found in state-licensed casinos and racetracks. The big difference between a Class II and III game is that the latter features a random number generator (RNG).

The RNG creates random numbers that determine whether or not you win payouts. This means that, unlike the Class II machine, it’s not a centralized computer calling out the numbers, but rather each individual machine.

Another difference is that Class III slot machines don’t have a set number of prizes, but rather an infinite number of payouts. Obviously slots won’t pay you infinite prizes because casinos would go broke. But the key is that you can technically win over and over again. The only catch is that each payout has odds on it, meaning you’ll only win every so often with each prize.

What should You Play?

The type of slot machine that you play will really come down to which type of casino you live near. Class II and Class III games both offer decent payback with random results. So you can be confident in playing either type of slot machine because they’ll offer similar results, despite their big differences.