Voters Reject Revere Slots Parlor – Wynn Pleased with Results

slots-parlorVoters in Revere, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb, have voted down allowing a slots parlor in their community. As we discussed last month, Wynn Resorts doesn’t want the slots parlor, and they played a big part in influencing people to vote ‘no.’

2,970 people voted against the measure, while 1,574 voted to allow it – creating a 2-1 margin.

The Boston Globe reports that this vote was non-binding, meaning it neither defeats nor advances the gambling establishment. But a positive vote would’ve given the slots parlor a greater chance of winning on Nov. 8, when the same question will be on a statewide ballot.

Eugene A. McCain Jr., the developer who wants to build the slots parlor, said he will continue his mission and looks forward to the statewide campaign. But he didn’t seem happy about the opposition, which included automated calls, online pop-up ads, and a flood of local mailers.

“Someone spent a very large amount of money in the last five days on a misinformation campaign,” says McCain.

It’s almost assured that he’s referencing the Wynn, which was angry that another slots parlor was being proposed in the Boston area. When they pursued a Boston gambling license, the original state amendment called for 3 Massachusetts casino resorts and a slots parlor.

McCain’s development would’ve brought a fifth gambling establishment to the Boston region, which is not what Wynn agreed to. Revere is just 3 miles away from Everett, which is where Wynn’s $2 billion casino will be.

revere-massachusetts“It’s not fair to Wynn Resorts,” said Wynn executive Robert DeSalvio. “We came into Massachusetts understanding there would be three casinos and one slots parlor under state law, not three casinos and two slots parlors. Someone shouldn’t come in now and circumvent the law.”

Revere Mayor Brian M. Arrigo is another person who’s happy with the non-binding vote’s outcome. Arrigo supported earlier casino efforts, but wasn’t in favor of adding a slots parlor. The major even criticized McCain, calling him a “fly-by-night” character and saying that his paperwork was sloppy.

“Revere residents know how to separate a good idea from a bad idea,” Arrigo said after the vote.

Revere has been interested in a casino at the defunct Suffolk Downs site. The first proposal was defeated by their East Boston neighbors, where the project would have spanned to. The second proposal was passed over by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Revere city politicians have preached waiting for the right opportunity, such as a casino resort, rather than just taking whatever proposal comes their way.

The slots parlor will get its official chance on Nov. 8, when the state votes.