Video Poker can be Like Slots Games

Slots and video poker are the two most-popular types of machine-based gaming in casinos. However, they’re often considered separate from each other because video poker contains skill while slots doesn’t. But did you know that video poker can be like slots games?

Let’s discuss this matter below by covering video poker multipliers and bonus bets.

Multipliers – A Common Trait between Slots and Video Poker

I’ve seen some video poker machines by IGT that feature multipliers. You access these by making an extra bet on top of your base hand wager.

When the multipliers are active, they’ll multiply your hand wins according to the pay table. Here’s an example:

– You get a full house worth 45 coins.
– You land a 5x multiplier.
– Your win is now worth 175 coins (45 x 5).

This is just one example and you’ll come across even bigger multipliers. But as you can see, video poker multipliers can increase your wins just like a slot machine.

The Catch to Using Multipliers

The one problem with the feature described above is that you need to bet far more money.

We’ve seen some IGT video poker machines where you need to make the 5-coin max bet along with another 5-coin bonus wager. This adds up to $2.50 per hand on a $0.25 denomination machine.

Some multiplier machines are also multi-hand, forcing you to play between 3-10 hands. You’d be wagering between $7.50 and $25.00 per round on these games!

Why should You Try Video Poker with Multipliers?

Low rollers will find that it’s too scary of a prospect to bet this much per hand/round. But if you’re a die-hard video poker player who’s looking for something different, then you might find this to be worth it.

Also keep in mind that multi-hand machines will pay back more money because you have additional hands in play. So while the risk might seem great, at least you can expect to pull more money back.