Understanding the Terms of an Online Slots Bonus

slots-bonus-termsIf there’s one reason to get excited about signing up at a new online casino, it’s definitely the welcome bonus. Unfortunately, online casinos don’t just hand these bonuses out when one makes a deposit. Otherwise they could be left footing the bill when certain players withdraw their deposit along with the bonus.

So you need to earn the bonus by meeting wagering requirements, and the easiest way to do this is through playing slots. But before you jump headfirst into this task, you should definitely understand the bonus terms and conditions, and here’s why.

Making Comparisons 

The first thing that you want to look at regarding terms are the aforementioned wagering requirements. This should actually be done before you even make a deposit because if they are too high, then perhaps you should consider another casino.

As for what’s considered normal wagering requirements, betting 20 times the bonus plus deposit amount is pretty standard. So if you deposited $50, you’d be wagering $2,000 total to get your bonus (20 x $100). If you’re asked to wager 30 times the bonus plus deposit amount or more, then maybe you’re being forced to do too much for your reward.

Minimum Deposit

It’s of course also important to know the minimum deposit that you can make and still be eligible for the bonus. For example, you might have to deposit at least $25 to qualify for earning your welcome reward.

Game Contributions

What if you like to play other casino games? Will they still count towards your bonus? Assuming you’re not dealing with a slots-specific bonus, other games should count towards unlocking the reward. However, they probably won’t count as much towards unlocking the bonus as slots. For example, baccarat, blackjack, craps and European roulette won’t count as much because they have a lower house edge.

One Last Note

It’s important to realize that slots bonuses aren’t set up for the average player to make a profit. However, if you already enjoy slots, then it’s definitely worth pursuing a bonus while playing the game that you like.