Types of Slot Machines & How They Work

The slots world is a vast place that includes many different kinds of games. It’s good to know these different types of slot machines so that you can discover your favorites.

You may find yourself liking a specific style of slot machine based on your preferences. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of slot machines and how they function.

Progressive Slot Machines

A progressive slot machine has a jackpot that slowly increases. The jackpot grows by small increments based on each bet that’s made.

The game takes out a small percentage from each wager. For example, a progressive slot might take 1% out of every bet.

Progressive jackpots continue growing until somebody wins the prize. Some of these payouts can grow to be worth millions of dollars!

Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slot machines features one or more second-screen bonuses. A second-screen bonus takes you to a new screen away from the reels, where you play a fun mini game.

Different types of bonus rounds include pick’em, action, first-person shooter, and puzzles. The goal is to excel in the bonus round and increase your potential payout.

If you have to shoot targets, for example, then you want to hit as many as possible to increase your winnings.

Classic Slot Machines

Classic slots are defined by having one payline and three reels. These games differ from the many modern slots, which have five reels and multiple paylines.

A classic slot machine is great for gamblers who value simplicity. These games don’t have all the modern features and complex rules of more-recent slot machines.

But classic slots can also be a bit boring for those who value the latest features. This is a big reason why classic slot machines are rarer today than ever before.