Tomb Raider as Potential Skill-based Slot Machine?

tomb-raider-skill-based-slots2016 will forever be known as the year that skill-based slot machines were talked to death. And it doesn’t seem like 2017 will be any different because the discussion has been ongoing.

DroidGamers, which discusses smartphone gaming, covered how Tomb Raider is being evaluated as a potential skill-based slot machine.

As you may know, Microgaming already made an online slots version of Tomb Raider. But the version that’s currently being looked at would incorporate skill-based bonus rounds and be housed in land-based casinos. Here’s an excerpt:

“Though Danger Arena and Race Ace are technologically advanced and full of imagination – this is looking to be just the beginning. Iconic video game titles like Tomb Raider are already being evaluated for their potential. We may soon see the $10bn video game industry in America leveraging its creative power to facilitate a new renaissance of electronic gambling devices. I am excited to see the types of games industry powerhouses will begin to develop once they realize the earning potential of bringing millennials into the casinos. The under 35 generation already has a huge appetite for gaming, and appealing to what they already show a strong passion for may be huge.”

danger-arena-gamblingAnother game that DroidGamers mentioned is Danger Arena, which we discussed before. Already available in Atlantic City casinos, Danger Arena is a first-person shooting game that sees you shoot at targets to win money. The better you are at shooting down targets, the more money you’ll win.

Another game we haven’t heard of that DroidGamers discussed is Race Ace, a racing game that looks “comparable to Nintendo’s ultra famous Mario Kart series.” Race Ace works like a traditional slot machine, except that you can also compete in a two-lap race to achieve goals and bonuses.

Again, the conversation about skill-based slots has been going on for well over a year now. Even still, it’s exciting to hear about the new advancements