Today’s Slots Bonus Rounds – Why You should Love Them

slots-bonus-roundAs you play slots these days, you’ll notice that an increasing amount of them have second-screen bonus rounds. This differs greatly from the old-school bonus rounds, which were actually just free spin modes. The immediate thing to love about second-screen bonus rounds is that they give you a break from the regular drill of spinning the reels over and over again. However, there’s more to appreciate about today’s slots bonus rounds than just this, so let’s look at a couple other reasons why you should love them.

Newer Bonus Rounds can contain Skill

What’s really fun about modern slots bonus games is that some of them actually feature skill. And this really adds a new dimension to slots games. For example, you might earn the bonus round through the reels, then be taken to a first-person shooter mode similar to Call of Duty. In another situation, you could be left trying to guide a bat through a cave.

Nevada casinos are currently working on getting some of these skill-based slot machines onto their floors. And you can already find a great deal of slots with skill-based bonus rounds in online casinos.

You can use Skill to Win More Money

online-slots-bonusAside from adding more interactivity into slots games, these bonus rounds also give good players an opportunity to win extra money. And to some people, the added challenge element here makes their slots experience all the better. Assuming you’d like to improve at slots bonus rounds, you can always play free slots online to fine-tune your skills and allow you to play better when it really counts.

So for the time being, you can find these skill-based slots at online casinos. And within the next year or so, Nevada casinos should have these modern bonus rounds in their slots games.