New TMZ Slot Introduces Photo Booth Technology

tmz-slot-machineWhen I think of TMZ (a.k.a. thirty mile zone), I think of the gossip show that performs countless roadside interviews with celebrities, athletes, and other entertainers. But now, maybe you and I will relate TMZ to slots because IGT has developed a branded game for land-based casinos.

This is nothing new because IGT has already developed a TMZ slot for online casinos. But what’s unique about this game is that it’ll incorporate “photo booth” technology, allowing players to become the star of the show.

According to Atlantic City Weekly, this slot machine will have a built-in camera that takes your picture, just like you’re one of the many stalked celebrity targets of TMZ. The image will then be plugged into the graphics and bonus rounds, making you feel like the star of the game. There’s also an option to decline having your picture used in the game if you don’t like the concept.

This technology is similar to a story that we discussed earlier this month, where an inventor is trying to include social media elements and player images in slot machines. The only difference is that the TMZ slot is here now.

As for the basics of the game, TMZ is a 5-reel, 30-line game that features scatter symbols, multipliers, expanding wilds, and second-screen bonuses involving show segments. The game will also feature original audio and video footage from the show, offering familiarity to fans of the program.

tmz-slotsOne of the bonuses is triggered by spelling T-M-Z on the reels. Even if you only get the M, you’ll receive a multiplier. As for the bonuses, you’ll be able to choose one of the following rounds: Celebrity Mug Shot, Celebrity Spin Cycle, and Celebrity Safari.

I think that TMZ releases some interesting gossip content sometimes. But I’m not entirely thrilled about the game’s concept.

Instead, I’m just glad to see another cool innovation come to the reels in the form of photo booth technology.