Texas Woman Wins $787k Slots Jackpot on Labor Day

Janet Redwine celebrated her Labor Day holiday in style by winning a slots jackpot worth $787,842. The Texan was playing the penny slots game Willy Wonka: World of Wonka when she won.

Redwine didn’t offer any statements about her big prize. But she did pose for a picture next to the lucky Willy Wonka slot machine.

Redwine was playing at Harrah’s Las Vegas when her windfall occurred. And this is interesting because an Arizona couple won big on the same machine at Harrah’s last June.

As I covered before, Nicole Perry and Nicholas Blaskowski were both playing Willy Wonka when they earned $944,337.

Neither Perry and Blaskowski offered any details on what they plan to do with their winnings. The couple only said that they were “shocked and excited” to win the jackpot.

They too posed for a picture next to the Willy Wonka: World of Wonka machine.

Should You Play Penny Slots to Win Big Jackpots?

The stories of Redwine and Perry/Blaskowski make it seem like you should be playing penny slots if you want to win big.

And this isn’t the worst idea if your goal is to win a huge jackpot.

But before you jump on the nearest penny slot machine in search of gold, you should keep a few things in mind.

Penny slot machines cost more than just pennies to play. You often must bet anywhere from $1 to $3 per spin.

This fools slots neophytes who expect to play for a cheap amount. But this is the only way that casinos can create such huge jackpots through penny slots.

Also note that these machines can be really popular. This means that you’ll have to show up to casinos at non-peak hours to get on Willy Wonka: World of Wonka immediately.