TechWorm Examines Phenomenon of Mobile Slots

woman-mobile-slotsIf you’re an avid online slots player, odds are that you’re enjoying these games through a mobile device. This is definitely true for myself personally, as I probably spend 90% of my slots time on a smartphone.

But what’s driving people towards mobile slots?

TechWorm recently did a feature on this phenomenon, explaining some of the reasons why so many slots players are glued to phones and tablets.

One obvious reason they pointed out is the convenience aspect, given that you can play anywhere at anytime. The same can’t be said of deskop and laptop computers, which are far more difficult to transport.

A less-obvious reason is that slots are tailor-made for the functions of tablets and smartphones.

“Unlike other mediums, mobiles actually seem to sit better on your device,” writes Techworm’s Vijay Prabhu. “For example, if we take one of the most popular mobile gaming genres at the moment, slots, the way each game works seems to fit perfectly with the technology contained inside smartphones and tablets. According to, 47% of Canadians now own a smartphone and that’s allowed them to access hundreds of slots for iPad and iPhone.”

drake-casino-mobilePrabhu adds, “Because of this increased access, players can now sift through one of the site’s reviews, choose a mobile casino platform and take a spin on a game such as Thunderstruck II. Now, unlike the process players go through when they’re playing via their desktop (i.e. clicking a mouse), mobile slots players can use various functions such as swipe-to-spin, one-touch betting and even shake-to-spin.”

One more interesting thing Prabhu points out is that mobile gaming features make players feel more connected to slots.

“Of the aforementioned options, the final one is the most impressive and demonstrates the intimate connection mobile gaming content can have with a device. Just like apps such as Bump allow you to transfer information between devices by tapping them against each other, mobile slots use the internal sensors in your phone to control the action. So, instead of hitting the bet button, players can shake their phone and watch the reels spin.”

All of these are great reasons why so many people are spinning the reels through their smartphones, rather than PCs and Macs.

As for the point that Prabhu made about players feeling more connected to the games, I imagine that VR slots will only enhance this effect even more, making it the next big gaming frontier.