Switching Slot Machines CAN be worth it

switching-slot-machinesOne of the biggest slots myths that exists is the idea that you can change your fortunes by switching slot machines. For example, if one game is running “cold,” you would change games and hope that the next machine is “hot.”

The problem with this idea, though, is that all slots are programmed to be totally random. And the random number generator (RNG) doesn’t get hot or cold, it just produces random outcomes that somewhat fall in line with the long-term payout percentage. So the thought that you can simply switch slot machines to change your bad fortunes is a complete myth.

But before you go dismissing switching Machines…

Just because changing slots games won’t automatically give you a better chance to win doesn’t mean it’s a totally worthless idea. For example, let’s say that you are struggling really badly and are tired of losing. Well you may not find a hot machine, but changing games can ease your frustration.

What’s more is that you actually might start winning some money on your new machine. As we explained, this doesn’t mean that the machine is hot. But it does make you feel better to change games and start winning.

Keep the Long Run in Mind

Above all, players will be better off by keeping long-term results in mind – rather than quick profits in a session. Given the high volatility of slots, you can’t expect to win big profits, although it’s always nice when this happens. Instead, stick to good bankroll management, keep playing and pray for some big wins eventually. And when you do rack up large payouts, it will give you more cash to keep chasing those big jackpots!