Sports Slots – Are They Under Represented?

Slot machines have been around since 1895. And in this time, developers have over-used just about every theme imaginable. But one theme that might not be overplayed yet is sports slots.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the slots world doesn’t already feature sports-themed games. But the number of sports slots pales in comparison to Ancient Greece, haunted houses, and shopping.

As points out, the technology behind sports slots isn’t quite on par with many other genres. Here’s one excerpt that explains their opinion:

“While in reality, many of these games will be closer to a generic slot than the games they use as their inspiration, it’s still a fun way for sports fans to spend their time – and hopefully win some money in the process.”

I can’t recall the last time that I really got into a sports slot. But I have played a few decent games.

One is Drake Casino’s 4th and Goal, which is a football game that includes interesting characters and features. I also like Microgaming’s Soccer Safari, especially when you get to shoot shots during the bonus round. But I can’t say that the top sports slots connect with me like other themes.

Why Are Sports Slots Under Served?

Most sports fans are guys aged 18 to 45. This is a pretty big demographic, so you’d think that casinos would better fill it. But maybe they’ve found that people just don’t connect with sports-themed games as well as others.

Or the answer could just be that there aren’t many sports-themed slots worth playing.

Given that slots makers are upgrading many existing themes with new technology, I think this could help the sports genre. Specifically, there could be some skill-based bonus rounds included.

Whatever the case may be, I hope to see some really good sports slots in the future.