Spain’s Regulated Online Slots Draw Female Players

spain-onlline-slots-1The Spanish online gaming market has mostly appealed to men in its short history. But recent numbers indicate that more women are playing at Spain’s regulated online casinos than ever before.

Spain’s gaming regulatory body, Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), reports that females now make up 17% of those playing at Spanish online casinos – up 53.5% from the previous year.

While men still comprise 83% of the country’s online gaming customers, it shows that women are gambling online more than ever before.

This spike in Spanish female iGaming participation coincides with online slots being added to the menu last year.

Thanks in part to more female players, Spain’s online slots experienced an 80.4% increase in 2015. Bingo also experienced a surge, increasing its revenue by 37.6% from the previous year. Sports betting was another climber, increasing by 34.4% in 2015.

The only major game that suffered was online poker, where revenue fell by 2.1% when compared to 2014.

Young woman in Casino on a slot machineMoving back to increases, there were over 985,000 players registered at Spanish iGaming sites – a 19.6% increase from 2014. The average number of active players per month also rose, seeing a 16.2% spike. On the downside, their active players fell 2.7% from the previous year.

Another number that stands out is how the average active male account spends €322 per year, versus just €146 for female spending. The biggest spending demographic includes men aged 36-45 years, who lost an average of €552. The lowest-spending demographic was females aged 18-25, who only spent €15 on average.

More than 60% of the active players stuck with a single online gaming vertical, including 66.3% of sports bettors who never ventured out into anything new. Online poker players were the next-closest group, with 25.5% of them only playing poker.

21.7% of the active players dabbled in both sports betting and poker, while 15.1% of gamblers enjoyed sports betting and roulette.