South American Wins $1m Online Slots Jackpot – Will Buy House

south-america-slotsA South American slots player has just won a huge online jackpot worth nearly $1 million.

Playing the online slot Super Mystic and betting $2.25 per spin, the player saw a $955,308 win flash across the screen, which is 424,581 times their triggering bet.

The winner in question gave a few details about them self, including that they’re a 63-year-old airline pilot from South America. Going by Mr. M, the player says that the’ve been playing online slots since 2006, and this is by far their biggest win.

Mr. M says that he will keep playing slots even after the big windfall. But for now, the mission will be searching for the house of his dreams.

“It is with a jackpot [that I will manage] to buy the house of my dreams,” said Mr. M. “I’m going to enjoy the best moments of my life.”

online-slots-jackpot-2016It’s obvious from Mr. M’s jubilation that he can’t wait to spend money on everything he’s dreamed of with the slots winnings. But what’s interesting is that, even at $1 million, his payout isn’t even close to the largest of the year.

That honor would belong to Marcus Goodwin, who, just last month, won $11.63 million through Mega Moolah. Rather than discussing his dream house, Goodwin was excited about buying big Christmas presents for his family and taking a trip to South Africa.

Just a few weeks ago, a Swedish slots player hit a €4 million payout on Mega Fortune Dreams. Thanks to his windfall, the Swedish slots player said that he’s going to take care of his family, which has been very supportive over the years.

Based on all of the big jackpots recently, it’s nice to see some Christmas cheer being spread around the online gaming world!