This Software is about to Save Slots Addicts

play-my-way-slotsWhile slots serve as responsible entertainment for the majority of us, addiction is still a problem for some players. But slots addicts in Massachusetts will soon be able to take advantage of software that could help save their bankrolls.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has dumped $200,000 into a software program called “Play My Way.” The software begins working when players put their loyalty cards into slot machines. Those who’ve opted into the program will then see an onscreen prompt that asks them to set their slots budget for the day/week/year.

ABC News reports that this is the first time a US-based casino has used such a program to deter gambling addiction. Assuming it’s successful, Play My Way could be used in future Massachusetts casinos like MGM and the Wynn.

“This has never been done in the United States before and it’s never been done in any jurisdiction of the world where it’s been successful,” said Stephen Crosby, Chairman of the Massachusetts Gambling Commission. “So we’ve had to do this from top to bottom … that means everything from software design to marketing materials.”

While Play My Way sounds like it would be effective, other countries haven’t had much success with similar initiatives. The American Gaming Association was quick to point out that Australia, Canada, Norway and Sweden had few positive results from this software. Nova Scotia, a province in Canada, got rid of such a program after citing low revenue and few interested players.

But Massachusetts gaming regulators are hoping that by making the program voluntary – instead of forced like Nova Scotia’s – they can have more success with the software. Of course, time will tell if Play My Way ultimately works to curb slots addiction or if it’s just a waste of $200k.