Slotsmakers disguising Low Payback with Skill-based Games

slots-bonus-roundThe gaming world has been bombarded by news that more casinos are looking to add skill-based slot machines to their floors. These games are already available in online casinos, but it looks like Nevada gaming establishments are finally getting on board. So why the big push all the sudden to get skill-based slots out there? The reason actually has multiple points, which we’ll discuss below.

1. Slots Play has dropped in Many U.S. Casinos

Slot machines are easily the big breadwinner in land-based casinos. But it appears that less and less people are spinning the reels these days because payback is lower. A recent U.S. News report explains that there’s a correlation with low payback and lower slots play too. It’s obvious that people don’t like seeing their money disappear so quickly, and they get discouraged and don’t want to play as much.

2. Casinos see Skill-based Games as a Way to mask Low Payback

slots-bonus-roundThe situation that casinos are faced with these days involves having to pay enormous tax rates in some states to operate. Given that they still must make enough money to stay open, much of these costs get passed on to players through the form of hotel fees, less comps and lower slots payback. Considering that casinos can’t exactly raise payback when faced with such high state taxes, they need a way to mask lower payout percentages. And it seems that skill-based slots are the perfect way to do this.

3. Some will win More, Many will win Less

The exciting thing about skill-based slots is that you can use your abilities to boost the payout percentage. Unfortunately, the big downfall is that many players will try these skill-based bonus rounds and actually hurt their chances of winning even more. Will they care? Probably not, at least in the beginning. However, the idea that skill-based gaming will suddenly give the masses a decent chance to win in land-based casinos is just a facade.