Slots YouTubers Finding Success Amid Growing Audiences

Slot machines may not seem like the most-exciting subject matter for a YouTube channel. But you might be surprised to know that a number of slots YouTubers are finding success.

Brian Christopher, Miran Mirac (a.k.a. Lady Luck), and Scott Richter (a.k.a. The Big Jackpot) have all tapped into an unlikely market.

These visionaries have created large channels based on the simple act of playing slot machines.

Why are Slots YouTubers Successful?

Slot machines are increasingly being viewed as the new bingo. In other words, slots games are considered something that only old people play.

But Christopher and Mirac are perfect examples of why this isn’t completely true. Both slots YouTubers are in their early to mid-30s and have found large audiences.

Christopher is especially successful, building a list of over 100,000 subscribers. Richter is another huge success with more than 100k subscribers.

One reason why they’re doing so well is that viewers enjoy seeing others risk money. Watching a YouTuber play slots means that one can live vicariously through the player without losing anything.

You get to cheer on somebody else’s wins and lament their losses. And the great thing is that watching these videos is completely free — unlike slot machines.

Running a Slots YouTube Channel Isn’t Without Challenges

While slots YouTubers can rise to stardom, many have had run-ins with the site.

Here’s an excerpt from Forbes David G. Schwartz on the matter:

“Christopher’s fellow YouTuber, Scott Richter, aka Raja, has had his own troubles with his The Big Jackpot channel. His channel was also suspended, then just as inexplicably restored.

“But it was taken down again on June 13, after an hour-plus livestream of Richter playing slots was flagged for “Nudity and Sexual content” despite having neither. Two days later, his account was just as mysteriously reinstated.”

Despite the suspensions, both Christopher and Richter’s channels are back and earning revenue. And the way things are going now, their success should continue well into the future.